Many people see it as a martial art, others as a dance, and there those who believe that it is their religion and cultural identity. We believe anyone can find some form of identity from Capoeira.


Give yourself to Capoeira and Capoeira will give back to you. 

All levels welcome, come and have a free class!

We are glad to announce a new class starting today 7th of November 2016 in Bethnal Green. All levels welcome! Instructor Caminho will run the class. This first class/roda will be free (though a small donation to help cover the rent / kind and encouraging words / buying me a pint afterwards would be massively appreciated). Every Monday from 7.30pm.. read more →

We are glad to announce a new class starting the 15th of  September 2016 in North London. All levels welcome! Instructor Rodão will run the class at SANGAM CENTRE , Edgeware area. Every Thursday from 6pm to 19pm A free trial class and our usual offer for beginners: 5 classes x£20! Come and get into the most.. read more →