Capoeira Ceará was established in London in 2001 by Wilton Rocha otherwise known as Master Caboclin. His teaching methods have port aside an authentic approach and have taken Capoeira back to its roots in Ceara where Mestre Caboclin developed his art. At Capoeira Ceara we develop fitness, strength, the discipline of the mind and body. We will teach you that Capoeira has many different variations and many similarities to one’s experience in day to day life and ultimately you will make the decision as to what you would like to get from Capoeira. We will teach you the philosophy, history, music, martial art, creative expression and most of all how to play Capoeira. Come and see when and where! Capoeira will help build confidence and provide a positive focus constructively for the way youngsters, as well as adults, spend their time and energy. Today The Capoeira Ceara School teaches 6 days a week with over 500 members stationed all across the world. We now have schools in Brazil, England, New Zealand, Poland and soon in Norway. We are forever developing as Capoeira itself is becoming more recognised thus we look to develop more kids classes in the near future with the first one starting in the coming weeks. All updates will be available on our website and facebook page.